New Adventures

New Adventures

What a year! Covid 19 has rocked the entire world! My salon closed for 60 days, my wife worked from home (and still is!) and my dirty 30 birthday plans were pretty much done for. What else could we do during a pandemic we thought was only going to last until the summer? GET PREGNANT!!!


In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is where doctors take a woman’s egg and fertilize it with sperm and then placed back into the uterus and with lots of medication, boom. Now it is a 65% success rate regardless of your situation; heterosexual couple, homosexual couple or fertility issues. Its an emotional rollercoaster for everyone involved. Financially alone…this procedure can cost anywhere between $15K – $30K! Sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on insurance policies. Which thankfully, more and more insurance companies and places of employment are starting to offer coverage on IVF! So let’s start there on our journey to motherhood!

IVF Journey Beginnings

We are blessed that my wife works for a tech company called Square. She happens to be on the CashApp side of the company. This company is insane in the best way possible! The doors that are open for her as an employee and for us as a family is almost unheard of. At least it is for us! The insurance coverage that we discovered we had made IVF possible for us! Almost 95% of the cost will be covered! 95%!!! Like I said, we are blessed! (I highly recommend for anyone who wants to do IVF but can’t afford it, to check into your insurance coverage. You never know what gets added every year!) I had started a new job at a high end salon in St Louis in January and we had already started the process of calling the doctors and the fertility office and insurance people to figure out how to actually begin. First things first though, I suffer from bipolar 2 and I needed a medication I could take during my pregnancy. I do have manic episodes but I don’t lose my sense of reality or have a form of psychosis during or after an episode. So I had to go see a psychiatrist on top of my psychologist. It wasn’t a bad experience (I’ve had my fair share of them) and I started on Lamictal. It’s been a beautiful medication for me. I had to have my dosage upped but that’s been so helpful! Once we had that taken care of…Covid 19 reared her ugly ass head into the States. My salon shut down for 60 days and it was during that time we decided to call the fertility clinic, MCRM to see when they would be taking new clients and what the process looks like. We got lucky they were opening up the following week and they had an appointment available! Now, while I’m all excited to start this journey…it hits me this is real. And I get this feeling in my stomach like I’m abandoning Samuel. I know he wants me to move forward but I still feel guilty. I don’t think that feeling will never go away so I just have to learn to live with that. The appointment went really well. My doctor was amazing and so gentle and sweet! I instantly felt comfortable with him! Being able to connect with someone whose job is to ultimately get your pregnant in a short amount of time is extremely important. My anxiety is already heightened and he instantly calmed me. This is going to be a PHENOMENAL experience!

New Adventures

So here we are…with the most exciting news in the world!!! 1 IVF round…and this little nugget STUCK!!! I’m officially pregnant!!!! The amount of joy that we have is unreal! Given our history, I’ve been extremely cautious with my emotions. Maybe a little too cautious…but its getting better! I have a lot to look forward to with this pregnancy and I gotta get my head right!

So that’s it for this blog! I’ll be explaining a lot of the process of IVF in my next one so stay tuned! I appreciate you for reading this and connecting with me! If you want my blogs to come directly to your email, please sign up for emails! Tell your friends, your sisters, brothers, whoever!

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