Our Story

Our Story

Hey there, friends!

So I had a request to cover a topic by a lovely friend and client of mine. She wanted to know the story about how Danielle and I got together! It’s a very brief synopsis of how we met and when we got together. This is my favorite story and this will fill you guys in on who we are and where we started.

This is our happily, ever after!

I met Danielle back in August 2012. My memory is phenomenal by the way…hers not so much. She will reintroduce herself to you at 2 other parties because she doesn’t remember meeting! Nothing personal! We both worked for this call center in Arnold and I was ending my computer training and going to phone training when this super cute woman walks in with her spiky hair, polo and khakis. “Uh….heeelllllooooo!” Seriously, so cute. Brown hair and hazel eyes? She has my attention! At this point in my personal life, I wasn’t an out lesbian. I was still trying to understand my sexuality more…and I guess that meant date men until I’m 24! Being only 21 at that time, I hadn’t quite figured myself out. She introduces herself “Hello my name is Danielle Layman. But you can call me Dee! I’m going to be your transition team leader for the next 30 days!” Ok she’s cute, she’s fun, friendly…and now my boss.

Great. And then she gets a little more personal. “I’ve been with the company for 4 years and I’m engaged to the most beautiful girl in the world!” Welp. I quit.

Well it’s a good thing she’s not available because I cannot with my manager. That’s a hard pass. I ended up dating a guy that also worked with us…and he reported to Danielle…I was 21 and she was engaged. It didn’t matter…at the time.

Fast forward 3 years, the guy and I split and I got together with my first girlfriend. That shocked a lot of people. I grew up going to church and unfortunately some of my “friends” didn’t approve. I lost a lot of their friendships and to this day miss them! So the first relationship with a woman was extremely toxic. She was an addict and I was an idiot in love. It didn’t work out and right after we break up, I get a Facebook message from Danielle. “Hey I need a haircut! Can you help me? You do really good work!” I mean I’m down! I worked in the city at the time and that was too far for her. So we agreed, I would swing by on my way home and do a haircut at her house.

And now I’m panicking. I’ve had a crush on this woman for years and now I’m just going to waltz in her house and cut her hair? Am I HIGH?? The whole drive from St. Louis to Imperial was the longest 25 minutes of my life. Knuckles, gripping the stirring wheel, are so pale. I have sweat trickling down my back. “Can I back out?” I think to myself…

I’m at her house, cutting hair…”hey girl where’s the wifey at?” “Oh yeah about that…she left”

Say what now? What does that mean?? Where is she? Apparently she didn’t wanna be with Danielle anymore so she left. Uh…oh boy. Now I’m nervous because I’m in Danielle Layman’s house, cutting her hair and her wife has left? School girl crush nevvvvvvver went away. And that’s dangerous. WHAT???? So we made plans to have a beer and just talk about how “wretched women can be”. 2 days later, we met up for that beer. She told me about her break up, I talked about mine. The energy between us that evening was so thick. We were so drawn to each other and it felt so natural.

Birthday Dinners and First Kisses

My 25th birthday was 2 weeks later and she wanted to take me out for dinner. I haven’t been on a proper date in months and was pretty excited she wanted to take ME out on a for real date!

We went to my favorite Thai restaurant and got this little table near the kitchen and the wine rack. It was a little busy and super loud until she looked up at me. There’s that silence again. She was hesitant but she reached her hands across the table and touched mine. Butterflies. The dinner went to quickly and it was time to go home. Before I left, she asked to see me again later that next week for karaoke. I don’t sing but I wanted to be with her. So I said yes.

The next week I meet her sister at karaoke and she said “Holy f*ck is this the girl you told me about a few years ago?!”

I. Can. NOT! She told me she’s always thought I was beautiful but she was loyal to her wife. I mean, I’ll give her that. She’s honest but wouldn’t do anything to harm her relationship. Admirable really. But in my head I’m thinking “WHAT?! What what WHAT?!” I am so shocked but I managed to hide my excitement behind the beer bottle.

Imagine this little hole in the wall bar, some bad karaoke playing in the background and LOTS of confederate flags everywhere behind the smoke. I am watching this beautiful woman sing, dance and have a great time and I’m starting to wonder…”What the hell am I doing here?”. I don’t know what to do or think right now. I really, really like her but what do I have to offer her? I still live at home with my step-father!

Not cute! During my crazy brain train crash, I get a text message and it’s from Danielle. “Hey I went to the bathroom. Where are you?” I know what she’s thinking. So…am I staying or going?

I get up…and walk toward the bathroom door. I knock on the door and she opens it and pulls me in. Door shuts and next thing I know she’s right in front of my face. Holy. Sh*t. She leans in and kisses me and literally the entire world stopped spinning. Silence. Just her and I. The amount of butterflies in my stomach were so intense, I forgot to breathe. I got lost in her eyes (have I mentioned how they look like sunflowers in a summer storm? Breath taking!) and just smiled. I have found my peace and it’s Danielle.


We went through some crazy times during this dating game. She was still messed up over her ex, as expected. And my ex wouldn’t leave me alone and attempted to start fights whenever she could. I was so mentally wrecked and emotional distraught over everything that my ex put me through, I surely thought Danielle wouldn’t want me. “I’m too broken” I told myself. “I’m the introverted, awkward homeschooled kid…” Why would Danielle even give me a moment in her world? But she really amazed me. She stuck around. She told me about how her heart was hurt and broken over her ex wife. She was always honest and kept things slow.

On October 29, she told me she didn’t want to hang out. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned. Because she was hanging out with MY friends and didn’t want me to be there! Rude…so I went home and I was pretty salty. I wanted to see her and wanted to know what she was doing!!

Next day, she told me to come over after work. She had a surprise for me before a Halloween Party we were attending. I got to her house later that night, due to doing a Trunk or Treat at a private school for our company. I opened the front door…

The entrance way is dark except for these carved pumpkins with candles in them! There was this song playing by Leela James SOMEWHERE in the dark, and there’s a note. The note was her own personal feelings about me and for me being poured out and asking me to be her girlfriend! At the bottom of the note, she had “Check Yes or No” for my answer. I checked “yes” and walked upstairs and handed her the note. Not even looking at my answer, she threw the note aside and kissed me. Cue the fireworks!

Layman’s Terms

There’s the beginning of our lives. Little did we know that 2 years later (just shy 2 days!) that we would get married and start this crazy journey called our lives! I will be doing a wedding blog soon and help you brides who are trying to do a wedding on a budget! I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog!

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